Adhesive Remover

  • Instantly removes hydrocolloid and other adhesives
  • Quick-drying, no washing necessary
  • No harsh smell or lasting odor
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

FreeDerm adhesive remover is BioDerm’s trademark adhesive remover. Specially formulated to instantly remove hydrocolloid tapes, and bandages, FreeDerm is available in spray, ampoule, or wipe form. The FreeDerm spray bottle is ergonomically designed for customers with limited manual dexterity. FreeDerm adhesive remover is for external use only. FreeDerm can be used anywhere on the body. The formula is quick-drying and does not require washing. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain ozone-depleting chloro-fluorocarbons.

Ordering Information

To order FreeDerm
call 1-800-814-3174
or e-mail [email protected]

1 oz Item# 52200
3 oz Item# 52202


How To Use FreeDerm