Penile Clamp


  • Temporarily stops the flow of urine
  • Helps with dribbling, leaking
  • Assists with Men’s Liberty application
  • Adjusts to fit the most male anatomy

The BioDerm Kind Klamp is designed to temporarily stop the flow of urine through the urethra when applying the Men’s Liberty™. This simple male incontinence product helps men who are dribbling or leaking and are having trouble applying the Men’s Liberty device.

What makes the BioDerm KindKlamp different?

  • Made from durable engineered plastic and ultra-soft foam for added comfort.
  • The BioDerm KindKlamp is designed to fit small, medium, and large anatomy.
  • No wires or metal ensures that the BioDerm KindKlamp is skin-friendly and can be washed without the potential of rust or corrosion.
  • Easy use clasp – can be closed and released with one hand!
  • Curved upper arm for improved comfort.
  • Long-lasting hinge designed for multiple cycles.
  • Additionally, the BioDerm KindKlamp is reimbursed by Medicare!

Ordering Information

To order KindKlamp
call 1-800-814-3174
or e-mail [email protected]


How To Use KindKlamp

The KindKlamp
comfortably conforms
to constrict urine
flow during the
Men’s Liberty process.