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March 2021

BioDerm Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Jake Snee is joining BioDerm as their new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Snee brings over fifteen years of Healthcare sales experience to his new position.

Snee, a Pennsylvania native, is a graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and launched his medical sales career as a Regional Business Director for an Augusta, Georgia Based Company, with a focus on men’s health in urology. He continued to strengthen his career by launching a start-up company that created a product portfolio serving urological patients suffering from erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence in the US. Read More >> 

December 2020

BioDerm Takes on Private Equity Investment to Fund Growth

Bioderm Inc., a leading provider of disposable medical devices and wound care supplies to patients with chronic conditions, announced it has received a strategic investment from a Denver-based middle-market private equity firm, Mountaingate Capital (Mountaingate). With its new partner, BioDerm plans to accelerate its organic growth and pursue acquisitions that will expand its product and service offerings for patients. Read more>>

August 2020

Men’s Liberty is now available by prescription

BioDerm is proud to offer another way for our customers to get Men’s Liberty. Now, your doctor can simply write a prescription for Men’s Liberty and KindKlamp in the comfort of their office and you can take it to your pharmacy and have it filled the same day.

Our traditional ordering options are still available. If you prefer, our customer care team can handle all the paperwork and send your supply discreetly to your door. Or, you can choose to pay out-of-pocket for your supply. Men’s Liberty will work with you to select the ordering option that gives you back control and confidence. Call our customer care team, 800-814-3174, today to learn more.

May 2020

BioDerm introduces a new product, Faceplate Strips.

The BioDerm Faceplate Strip helps to prevent skin injuries and irritation due to face masks, glasses, and face shields. Face masks, glasses, and face shields are a necessity and are being worn more frequently and for longer periods of time.  No matter how well your face PPE fits, constant wear time can cause skin injuries and irritation. The wing design will cover the bridge of your nose and cheek bones for up to 24 hours.

March 16, 2020

Men’s Liberty’s Male External Catheter Offers an Alternative to Managing Men’s Urinary Incontinence

Almost one out of every six men across the United States experience some form of urinary incontinence. This stigmatizing condition can rob individuals of their productivity, independence, and quality of life. For over two decades, Men’s Liberty has led the way in innovative and high-performance male urinary incontinence solutions that provide men with -Freedom, mobility, confidence, and masculine vitality. Read More >>

November, 2019

BioDerm is proud to announce the acquisition of Wound Care Resources, Inc.

Wound Care Resources, Inc., a third-party durable medical equipment provider (DME) specializing in providing and billing surgical dressings for patients with wounds since its inception in 2006, has supplied wound dressings for VAD patient use at home since 2010. Located in Yorkville, TN, WCR’s specialty is providing unique products for patients with sensitive skin, including the CathGrip® Securement Device, manufactured by Bioderm, Inc. Bioderm’s other subsidiary, WCR Sales, Inc., engages in retail and wholesale sales of surgical dressings, supplies, and driveline management kits to VAD patients and home health agencies.

November 05, 2019

Men’s Liberty Supports National Diabetes Awareness Month by Helping Men with Diabetes and Incontinence Get Out of Absorbent Briefs and Guards

Men’s Liberty™  is sharing the top tips from their users after a diabetes diagnosis and the preferred solution to help men regain their freedom from male incontinence. According to the Center for Disease Control, about 10% of Americans have Type 2 diabetes. Read More >> 

October 08, 2019

BioDerm, Inc. Adds CFO and New Board Member to Strengthen the Management Team and Enhance Growth Prospects

BioDerm Inc., one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of proprietary hydrocolloid products for urinary management, securement, and skin protection, today announced the appointment of Marc Garofani as Chief Financial Officer and Brian Highley to the Board of Directors. Both will strengthen and enhance BioDerm’s aggressive growth plans for 2019 and beyond. Read More >>

September 26, 2019

BioDerm’s is Honored To Be Nominated As One Of The 2019 Florida Companies To Watch

GrowFL is pleased to announce BioDerm as one of this year’s 50 Florida Companies to Watch (#FLCTW) honorees, a statewide competition that identifies companies expected to see significant growth over the next several years. These 50 companies were selected from more than 500 nominees for Florida Companies to Watch, a program hosted by the economic development organization GrowFL, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation. Read More >>

July 16, 2019

BioDerm’s President Gaet Tyranski To Assume President And Chief Executive Officer Responsibilities

BioDerm, Inc., one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of proprietary hydrocolloid products for urinary management, securement, and skin protection, today announced the promotion of Gaet Tyranski to President and Chief Executive Officer. Tyranski will continue to lead BioDerm’s aggressive growth plans for 2019 and beyond. He has a proven track record of organic and inorganic growth, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and employee development. Read More >> 

February 28, 2019

Men’s Liberty® Partners with United Spinal Association to Help Men Living with Urinary Incontinence

BioDerm, Inc., one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of proprietary hydrocolloid products for urinary management, securement, and skin protection, today announced its 2019 partnership with United Spinal Association. BioDerm’s Men’s Liberty™ device offers a new way to manage male urinary incontinence that dependably replaces diapers, pads, and condom catheters. Read More >> 

December 18, 2018

Health Purchasing News – Inserting infection prevention Effective catheter care combines best practices and innovative design.

Catheters are so common that most patients will have one or more during a hospital stay. Catheters are used to deliver medication, fluids, and nutrition. They are used to drain gases and body fluids. Catheters sometimes measure pressure in certain areas of the body. They have many uses, but one thing they all have in common is that they are invasive. Wherever catheters go, bacteria may go, with the potential for infection. Read More >> 

August 28, 2018

Medline’s Extensive Distribution Network Sparks Expanded Partnership With BioDerm

Medline today announced an expanded distribution partnership with BioDerm®, Inc. that provides the company with exclusive rights to three additional products under BioDerm’s portfolio of urinary management, securement, and skin protection devices. This agreement demonstrates Medline’s dedication to providing clinically proven urological products that help enhance patient outcomes and experiences while driving best practice among

July 31, 2018

Men’s Liberty Challenges Men Living With Urinary Incontinence To Try An Alternative Solution Through New Website Launch

BioDerm, Inc., one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of proprietary hydrocolloid products for urinary management, securement, and skin protection, today announced the launch of its updated, mobile-first-design website Men’s Liberty™ offers a new way to manage male urinary incontinence that dependably replaces diapers, pads, and condom catheters, and is now available to order directly online. Read More… Read More >> 

January 27, 2017

BioDerm Announces New Partnership with CellMark Medical, a Division of CellMark AB

Today BioDerm, Inc. announced the launch of their new partnership with CellMark Medical to bring the next generation of urinary management, securement, and skin protection devices into select Asian markets. “We are excited to be working with CellMark Medical to improve the quality of care that Asian patients receive in hospitals today.  We look forward to explosive growth in highly populous markets that have increasing standards of care and wealth” says BioDerm’s President, Gaet Tyranski.  Read More >> 

December 6, 2017

BioDerm Awards Medline Exclusive Distribution Agreement in the USA and Canada

To augment its growing focus on infection prevention solutions, Medline today announced a new distribution partnership with BioDerm, Inc. to provide customers with its line of alternative urinary management devices. Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are the fourth most common healthcare-associated infection, and utilizing alternatives to Foley catheters is the best way to help avoid a CAUTI.  Read More >>

January 04, 2016

Gaet Tyranski Joins BioDerm as Company President

Today BioDerm, Inc., a local medical device manufacturer, announced the appointment of Gaet Tyranski as President. Tyranski’s appointment is effective immediately. Tyranski will be responsible for accelerating BioDerm’s aggressive growth plans for 2016 and beyond. Tyranski will oversee BioDerm’s diverse manufacturing and R&D portfolio as well as supporting BioDerm’s B2B and B2C marketing and sales efforts. .  Read More >> 

May 28, 2014

BioDerm, Inc. Awarded Catheter Securement Supplier Agreement with Premier, Inc.

BioDerm, Inc., an innovative medical device manufacturer specializing in proprietary hydrocolloid products, today announced that Premier, Inc. has awarded the company a group purchasing agreement in the catheter securement products category. Effective immediately, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for BioDerm’s CathGrip line of catheter securement products.  Read More >> 

May 06, 2014

Opera Fan Experience Worse Than Expected Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment

Survey results published today, by a Tampa Bay medical device manufacturer, reveal a surprising connection between music and patient’s perceptions of the side effects of prostate cancer treatment. In a survey of more than 200 men with prostate cancer and their caregivers, BioDerm found that opera fans were more than 40% more likely than non-opera fans to report that their side effects after prostate cancer treatment were  “worse” or “much worse” than expected. Read More >> 

November 05, 2013

Local Start Up Seeks Input from Caregivers on Healthcare Improvements

Today BioDerm, Inc., an innovative medical device manufacturer specializing in hydrocolloids, announced the launch of a new survey of caregivers seeking their input on how the company and the healthcare industry can improve care and communication. Caregivers provide care worth $450 Billion in the US every year1 and many suffer from emotional and physical health complications as a result. Read More >> 

November 01, 2013

BioDerm Appoints Jim Terpstra as National Sales Manager

Today BioDerm, Inc., an innovative medical device manufacturer specializing in hydrocolloid, announced the appointment of Jim Terpstra as National Sales Manager. Terpstra’s appointment is effective immediately. Terpstra will be responsible for expanding sales of BioDerm’s revolutionary products for catheter securement and male urinary incontinence. Expansion plans are set to include a move into new markets including integrated care networks, hospital systems, and long-term care facilities. Read More >> 

August 01, 2013

BioDerm Announces Partnership with Eloquest Healthcare

Today BioDerm, Inc. announced the launch of their new partnership with Eloquest Healthcare, Inc. to bring the next generation of urinary management devices to the acute care market. BioDerm is the manufacturer of the ReliaFit Male Urinary Device, the next-generation external catheter that reduces the risk of developing urinary tract infections commonly associated with indwelling catheters.  Read More >>