CathGrip Extra Small®

Catheter and Tube Securement System

  • Made from proprietary hydrocolloid material.
  • Skin-friendly, not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Secures tubes from 3-24 Fr.

CathGrip Extra Small is the universal securement system for NG tubing PICC, catheters, drains & tubes 3-24 Fr. The device is made from our proprietary hydrocolloid that is skin-friendly, not made with natural rubber latex, and moves like a second skin! Our skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation, unlike other acrylic-based securement devices. With soft no-slips grips that secure tubes from 3-24 Fr. and three sizing options for the hydrocolloid base, CathGrip can meet all your securement needs making it the new standard of care sought after by physicians, nurses, and purchasing teams.

Ordering Information

To order, please email a request for pricing and information to [email protected] 

  Once the email is received, we will provide ordering instructions and pricing. 


Applying Cathgrip